Muhaimin Abdullah

Web-based English Module

Assignment for Educational Administration Students

Reading Passage

For your further assignments, please download a file that the link is attached below then follow the instructions. Make sure you understand each instruction before doing your assignment. Should you have any question, feel free to ask me.


After finishing this assignment, you are expected to be able to:

  1. be familiar with 1000 word level of English.
  2. understand the meaning of 1000 word level of English
  3. use them in your everyday life with correct pronunciation

After downloading the file (entitled "Asian and Pacific Speed Readings for ESL Learners" written by Nation and Millett), you will see 20 reading passages. The passages are written in 1000 word level. These are given to you because I am certain that you have been familiar with vocabulary cointained in the passages.


  1. Work in group;
  2. Each group should choose 3 passages to be discussed and presented each week;
  3. Each week, all groups should present passage they choose (a passage per-week);
  4. Each group is given 10 - 15 minutes to present the chosen passage including question and answer session;
  5. I will assess your both individual's and group's performance;
  6. In presentation session, you should cover what you understand after reading the passage and retell the story using your own words. Remember that reading is not allowed in presentation session;
  7. You may present your chosen passage with or without Power Point Slides.